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M1 Windscreen Chip Repairs Gold Coast

The sound of a stone hitting your windscreen is enough to make most motorists cringe. After the initial shock wears off you find yourself doing a frantic survey of what damage has been done to the windscreen. 


It is no secret that finding the chip is a moment that no-one finds joyful. 


Not all is lost though. If the chip is able to fit under a $1 coin then a chip repair is possible saving you the cost of a whole new windscreen. Some windscreens can cost thousands of dollars depending on the technology of the windscreen. (Rain sensors for example)


The most important step to take next is to contact us to make the first available appointment to have the chip filled.


The sooner that we can get the chip filled the better result that we are able to provide you.


If possible cover the chip with a clear stick (screen saver) that stops dirt and dust getting into the fine cracks. This allows the chip repair to be less noticeable when completed.

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